The rules of public speaking have changed

Great blog post out today by Drew Neisser from FastCompany on how public speaking has changed in the social media era.  If your career path ever puts you or your client in front of an audience, whether it’s an internal meeting or a massive conference, this is a must-read. The rules have changed. A few take aways:

  • Resist the temptation to ask the audience to put down their tech toys.
  • Tweeting during a presentation is today’s version of taking notes, and it doesn’t mean they’re not listening.
  • You are speaking not only to the people in the audience, but to every person who follows them on Twitter.
  • Better get your facts straight, or you will be corrected instantly on Twitter.

And finally, if you hadn’t figured this out yet, drop the PowerPoint slides. If you must present information on a screen, try a cooler tool like Prezi.

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