The secret to success

I saw something on Twitter today that really got the wheels spinning.
According to blogger Nick Usborne, the secret to success is staying focused on one thing. If your reaction to this is “Duh!” then you probably already are focused on your one thing. But for me, I found it rather insightful.

Now that I think about it, I can definitely see how that laser focus helps you succeed. My husband, for example, with his music. He’s consumed with it, thinks about it constantly, is always writing a new song, has his guitar in hand even when he’s watching the Jets lose. He’s going to really make something out of it one day.

But for those who are too easily distracted by shiny objects, or new trends, or reality shows like My Big Redneck Vacation (just awful!), it’s going to be more difficult to reach that high level of success. I suppose it’s a combination of wasting your time, never really being an expert at one thing, and changing directions too quickly to make a deep impact.


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