Which is Best on Facebook? Personal or Business Page?

One of the questions I get asked most frequently by Realtors is which is better, a personal or business page on Facebook. Personal pages on Facebook were designed to represent a person, not a business, but many small business owners and independent contractors don’t understand the difference. By using a personal page for your biz, you may be sending the message that you’re not serious.

Perhaps the biggest reason not to use a personal page for your business it that it’s against Facebook’s user policy. Doing so could get your page shut down permanently with no notice. But even if you’re not detected, there are some good reasons why a personal page is not appropriate for your business:

The About section of a personal profile clearly speaks from the perspective of a person, not a business. You are from Boston, are married and like Taylor Swift and Twilight, not your business. Right?

  • Privacy settings are a good thing on a personal page, so you can restrict who sees pictures of your kids or who sees certain posts. When you’re using your personal page for a business, though, this only puts up a big Keep Out sign when prospects try to view your page.
  • Requiring prospects to send you a friend request before they can fully view your page is just another roadblock and will automatically turn off anyone who doesn’t already know you well, or perhaps even some who do.
  • Personal accounts can only have up to 5,000 friends, while business pages can have an unlimited number of followers.

To best showcase your business, create a business page in addition to your personal profile. It’s really easy to do, just follow these tips from Facebook and you’ll be on your way. Once your page is up, invite all of your Facebook friends to like your new page. Then use your business page to talk about real estate, and keep the cat videos to your personal page.


















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