Why you need a social media expert

Anybody with a smartphone or computer can start a Facebook or Twitter account. Adding pictures, pithy status updates and finding friends from high school isn’t rocket science. But marketing a brand or business on social media is a different matter. It’s not quite rocket science, but it definitely does take some skill.

You can always tell when a business has recruited an intern or their receptionist to manage their social media. That inevitably ends up with a post like this, which I saw on FB today:

  • We have some AMAZING deals in time for the Holidays!!! Check this out, save BIG now through December 31st!

OMG!!! Not too professional. Unless your brand wants to presents itself as a teenager, you need to hire a social media expert. If you are still doubtful, check out this article from smedio.

If you agree that you do need a professional, give me a call.