I love content marketing, which is creating and distributing content aimed at attracting and retaining a specific audience, and ultimately driving them to take an action that leads to profit. It educates, informs and even entertains customers and prospects. On the tactical side, it’s things like social media, digital/social ads, SEO, email campaigns, blogging, video, websites and landing pages, influencer marketing, and in today’s world, even public relations. When these are all woven together with a consistent strategy – when the messaging, design and call to action are acting as one toward a specific end goal – that’s content marketing.

Here are a few examples of my work.


Blogs are a powerful tool to attract attention and traffic to a website, providing the fresh content that search engines scour the internet to find. They also provide engaging fodder that can be repurposed to create additional content to drive traffic back to your website, such as social media posts and ads, videos, emails, even podcasts. From corporate franchise sales to consumer tips, agency promotions, travel and plastic surgery trends, I’ve penned quite a wide range of blogs in my career, both as a ghost writer and under my own name. Here are a few examples.

Solving Brokers’ Most Pressing Challenges (Anywhere Real Estate)

Defying Mediocrity is Game Changing (CENTURY 21)

Podcast Highlight Reel: Our Favorite Tips So Far (CENTURY 21)

From Air Force Engineer to Real Estate Broker: A Life of Service (CENTURY 21)

Great Briefs Lead to Great Work (In-House Agency Forum)

Let The Studio Help Elevate Your Next Event (The Studio)

Athletes, Artists and the Bin in the Back (The Studio)

5 Writing Mistakes that Send the Wrong Message (The Studio)

A Front Row Seat at the Versace Mansion Auction (Coldwell Banker)

You can also check out my personal blog on this site, although I admit I don’t get to it as often as I’d like.


Social media is all about video, which attracts more eyeballs and delivers higher engagement. But if a video doesn’t grab the viewer’s attention in the first 8 seconds, you’ve lost them. When The Studio sought to build its reputation, I led the charge in developing a series of fast-paced “sizzle” videos that quickly deliver eye-catching motion graphics to showcase the work and results. I developed the concept and wrote the scripts, then my talented video team brought them to life.

2022 Recap

2022 Q1 Work

2021 Stats

2021 Recap

2020 Recap


When Coldwell Banker Commercial wanted social assets that brokers could share to explain common industry terms to their followers, it was clear that would be a challenge. Few people wander onto social media to learn about commercial real estate (in fact, I doubt any do.) How do you take complicated, dry jargon and make it interesting enough for the masses? I delivered very succinct definitions using simple terms along with engaging post copy designed to make sense to those who weren’t in commercial real estate, while still connecting with those who were. This has become an ongoing series that’s regularly shared by brokers across the country. Click here to see more examples of my recent social media work.

Real estate is all about what’s happening in the market, especially when things start shifting and clients get nervous. My team writes a series of president messages that appear in Coldwell Banker Realty magazines across the country, but when the topic turns to the market, they call me in. I have a knack for making complicated industry trends digestible for consumers. I know what questions to ask and how to translate president-speak into layman’s terms, while still conveying the executive’s unique voice. Here are a few examples of bylined articles I’ve written that make executives look really good. I even ghost-wrote an entire brand marketing book for an agency owner once.

Navigating a Shifting Residential Real Estate Market (Atlanta Business Chronicle)

Darwinian Rules Apply in Private-Equity Vulture Investing (Forbes.com)

How to Retire Even If the Market Crashes (Forbes.com)


Having engaging and informative website content is crucial because it attracts and educates potential customers, builds credibility, supports search engine optimization and helps build your brand. When Coldwell Banker Commercial was revamping their website to include more content about their field, I wrote eight sections about the different commercial real estate sectors. Additional examples of my work include:

CBC Property Types

Lexington Podiatry – I wrote the majority of the website’s content about foot issues.

ColdwellBankerHomes – I wrote several consumer-facing pages on the Coldwell Banker Realty website, including one on renting vs. buying and another on energy bills savings tips.


As much as I’d love to do away entirely with email, it remains a necessary evil and one of the most reliable ways to communicate. From running A/B subject line testing to crafting CTAs that will get noticed and clicked, I’ve written quite a few. No one has the patience to read long emails, so being succinct (or at least as succinct as clients will allow) is paramount. Here’s an example of a diversity recruiting email I wrote to attract Hispanic agents. Another favorite project was a consumer email campaign for spring selling season, focusing on my client’s big statistical claims and how that benefits home sellers.

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