About Me

I once had an interviewer ask me if I could do anything and get paid for it, what would it be? I didn’t hesitate – write! I’m a storyteller by nature, having discovered my love of writing back in high school composition class (thanks, Mrs. Hamilton.) I’ve written on so many topics in my career – travel stories for an in-house resort magazine, ghost-written articles on wealth management for Forbes.com, bylined articles on SEO for AdAge and enough marketing collateral to fill a Starbucks from floor to ceiling. I even ghost wrote a 50,000-word book on marketing in the Heartland.

Today, I manage a talented team of copywriters and motion graphic designers as the National Director of Creative Content for The Studio, Anywhere Real Estate’s in-house marketing agency for its brands. My team supports real estate brands, brokerages and agents with every type of marketing content you can imagine – advertising, bios, brochures, social media assets, presentations, flyers, event invitations, internal communications, blogs, web copy, editorial articles, how-to and social media videos, product launches, and the list goes on.

While I’ve been consumed by real estate for the past eight years, my career has actually been pretty diverse. I’m great at cocktail parties, because I know enough to carry on a five-minute conversation about tons of random topics. Hospitality. Plastic surgery. Destination marketing. Pet products. Casinos. Animal welfare. Podiatry. Organic pesticides. Wealth management. Law firms. Animal husbandry. Toys. Home improvement. Consumer packaged goods. Commercial construction. Fast food. Nonprofits.

I’ve taken travel writers skeet shooting in Montana and kayaking on Sanibel Island. Dealt with PETA protesters dressed as chickens. Wrote a podiatry website covering every gross thing you can imagine about the human foot. Led VisitScotland’s Tartan Week events and massive publicity program in Grand Central Station. Taught real estate agents about personal branding on social media. Launched an electronic doggy door at the Westminster Dog Show. Wheedled my way into an on-air product mention at The Today Show, not once, not twice, but three separate times. And my crowning achievement – spearheaded the marketing and PR for a ridiculously opulent $139M luxury mansion on the beach, which generated so much web traffic, it shut the company’s server down.

Good times.

I love to producing content and working with other talented writers, designers and video producers to help make their work even better. I’m a crazy stickler for the details and consistency, and feel guilty when I throw resumes out because they have one typo (but not that guilty).

Beyond writing, my passions are my family, my great dane rescue Dani, flamingos, palm trees, UK basketball, any shade of blue, Disney World, my Jeep Wrangler, apocalyptic/zombie movies and the beach.

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